Our Core Expertism

We have provided following types of services to different organizations:

1. Clean Room system : We undertake turnkey projects/consultancy in designing the clean room system for different applications. We undertake validation and documentation after the commissioning of a clean room system. This also covers creating different cleanliness zones as per the process requirement and maintaining pressure differential ingredient so as to avoid intermixing and contamination.

2. Airconditioning system : We design and install airconditioning projects. This includes complete designing of the system inc. heat load calculation, ducting design and commissioning of the complete system.

3. Humidification system : We provide humidification plant with water spray as well chilled water so as to maintaining the desired conditions inc. humidity level so required for a product or process.

4. Dehumidification : We also provide dehumidification system to a level as low as 10%. The desired conditions are achieved with simple refrigeration process by running the system at low ADP, brine system, refrigerated type dehumidifiers and silica gel dehumidifiers depending upon type and level of dehumidification.

5. Ventilation : We provide FDV (Forced draft ventilation) system, where the foreign particle entry is required to be restricted. This also add up to attaching spray system for providing comfort to the people inside. These type of system are mostly installed in industries where a no. of people are working.